Bodhi's one-of-a-kind Lotion Candle and the product that founded our company in 2014!  We've blended Virgin Coconut Apricot Wax with oils like Avocado, Babassu, Coconut, & Vitamin E to make this candle the ultimate lotion!  Our wax is soft and has a low melt point, so our lotion is the perfect temperature for your skin. 


Simply light your candle, allow a melt pool to form, extinguish flame, and scoop warmed lotion onto skin; especially helpful on dry hands, elbows and heels! 


Hand poured in small batches- Binghamton NY !

Lotion Candles - Summer Beach Collection

  • Warm bases of woods, amber & musk are nicely balanced with citrus & mint to bring you right to a beachside trail in a remote tropical location.

    • Top note - lemon, eucalyptus, fir needle, peppermint
    • Middle     - cedarwood, sandalwood, clove
    • Bottom    - oakmoss, tonka bean, amber, musk