NEW: Now USDA Organic! Support your immune system. Mushroom Blend is the perfect 10. The most convenient way to consume all of your mushrooms at once. Thanks to the compounding effects of functional mushrooms, consuming two scoops of our mushroom cocktail with a twist of antioxidant vitamin C from rose hip can help support your immune system and support overall wellbeing, all day, every day. Add to tea, coffee, baked goods. Does not taste like mushrooms! 


Mushroom Blend

  • 2.12 ounces / 30 Servings

  • Mushrooms have been shown to have the ability to stimulate the immune system, modulate humoral and cellular immunity, and potentiate antimutagenic and antitumorigenic activity, as well as rejuvenating the immune system weakened by radiotherapy and chemotherapy in cancer treatment.Apr 22, 2018

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