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   Ingredient Commitment


Bodhi is committed to providing products that are good for both you and your family! Our products are free of preservatives and harsh chemicals. We follow strict IFRA guidelines for scenting our lotion candles and use no more than 5 ingredients.  Ingredients include coconut soy wax, coconut oil, avocado oil, vitamin e, and fragrance. 

     How and why did Bodhi get started?  

Abbey and Lisa have always had a passion for candles and natural body products. In the Fall of 2014, Abbey and Lisa formed Bodhi Body Candles. The products that are created at Bodhi are a result of our well-intentioned energy, creative ingredient combinations, and our desire to bring the best products possible to every customer. 




Why Coconut Wax?

⭐️ Our Coconut wax is obtained via a natural process and is made from the meat of a coconut.
⭐️ Coconut wax burns slowly and cleanly. It also has an awesome scent throw!
⭐️ Coconut wax has been overlooked by the candle making industry because it is expensive. We don’t care, it’s worth it!!
⭐️ Coconut wax has a very low impact on the environment. This is very important to us!

Waxes we have chosen to avoid include Paraffin, Beeswax (not vegan or cruelty free), and Palm. All 3 of these waxes have impacts to the environment we cannot stand behind. While soy can be controversial, we were originally big fans of a wonderful soy blend. We have chosen to discontinue using soy wax as well.

We continue to search for the very best coconut wax, aiming to find something fair trade and from a coconut plantation.




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